Reis naar Leven

Martijn’s Reis naar Leven, dag 124, helplessness continued

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This morning I felt: let someone else please live my life for me, take decisions, speak on my behalf, because I feel helpless to create myself. Can someone please create me.

And I realized that this is a humanity issue, where we let governments and religions and corporations decide how life is supposed to be lived

But when I look around, do I see magnificant people anywhere? Expressing themselves in their utmost potential?

So this is something that cannot be done FOR us. We cannot let this be decided for us. We have to do this for ourselves: we need to create ourselves. We cannot afford to remain in our helplessness, we can realize that it is just a mind thing that we can forgive ourselves, and breathe and walk out of it.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to let society decide for me how to be, who to be

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to let me be created by what is already here, instead of me exploring my self expression, a new expression on Earth

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to live a life of limitation I let decide upon by government, religion, corporations

We have now come to a point where we clearly can see that the selfish interest we are taught to live, in our pursuit of happiness, is not in the best interest of ourselves! That we have no clue as to how to live in a way that’s best for all

And we have no clue in fact as to how we have become what we are today. We just are this as if it is normal to live clueless lives of limitation, we are so f*cking disabled in every way. Do we see any person walk properly, sit properly, where the body is fully at ease within the movement, the posture… where the person is completely here, no distractions in the mind but breathing with and as the physical



Auteur: martijndegraaf1001

I am currently in the process of re-creating myself from a selfish being into a participant of a group of individuals that works for what's best for life on Earth, which is what's best for all of us, because without life we have no existence. Desteni is the name of the expanding group. I am writing my Journey to Life blogs to deconstruct the patterns based on fear that I exist as and to share this, so anyone can see the process I am walking.

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