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Why do I only consider positive outcomes? – Day 648

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chanceStudying the charts with the ever changing exchange rates of the valuta for the binary options trade, I constantly am considering the chances of the rates going up or down. This perception of considering chances I see myself projecting on other moments during the day and it brings to my awareness how many things I take for granted. And how many times I do indeed only consider chances for a positive or negative outcome. Positive meaning the outcome that I desire/wish for/expect and negative meaning an accident/illness/disappointment.
Disappointment is an interesting word in this context because it suggests that we only ‘make appointments’ with positive outcomes. And that we then take our chances and when it doesn’t work out along the lines of our projected outcome we are dis-appointed. As the manifested consequence of our disregard of a possible negative outcome. Which in fact entails a self-disappointment. Because we actually set the situation up in a way that we didn’t ‘make an appointment’ with a possible negative outcome. Meaning that we went for the desired outcome only and blinded ourselves for the possibility of it turning out negatively. So we create disappointment as a consequence. Decisions based on the desired/wished for/expected outcome can be as simple as postponing learning to be able to go to the movies, where one fails for the exam or as consequential as marrying a person and creating a living with them, while ignoring all signals  that indicate a future ‘disaster’.
This is what I encounter while observing the charts, that I, driven by the desire to trade, take the trade, only reckoning with a positive outcome (profit) and then getting totally disappointed by seeing it turn into a negative outcome (loss) where I would then look back and see that I had ignored specific indictors warning me for the probability of a negative outcome. So I had created my dis-appointment by only ‘making an appointment’ with the positive outcome.

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I am currently in the process of re-creating myself from a selfish being into a participant of a group of individuals that works for what's best for life on Earth, which is what's best for all of us, because without life we have no existence. Desteni is the name of the expanding group. I am writing my Journey to Life blogs to deconstruct the patterns based on fear that I exist as and to share this, so anyone can see the process I am walking.

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